Fashion Show

March 30, 2023 | Cellar 52 (1430 King St N, St. Jacobs)

Vendors open to walk-ins from 11AM to 8PM

Show-times: 5:30PM (Evening) Noon sitting is Sold Out

Show Tickets: $37.50/person, $275/table | Free Admission to Vendors (11AM – 8PM, excluding showtimes)

Art and Design come together in the Wearable Art Fashion Show and Sale. Experience the creativity of Artisanal Designers as they showcase their unique Fashions. Life is just more fun when we dress up. Tickets include something to eat, something to drink and great fashion. Cash bar will be available at the both shows.

Wearable Art Fashion Show & Sale 5:30pm Seating

$37.50 – $275.00

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Bonnie Glass

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Bonnie Glass has been creating one-of-a-kind garments for 30 years which to her delight have now become collectible – she is now selling her own garments on consignment! Her clients love the craftsmanship, fabric quality, and timeless designs of this work and now it has paid off. Her coats, jackets, and toppers are distinctive in the way she combines pattern, colour, and texture in an artful way and often outlined in her trademark bias trims that she makes. Each one is given its own title. She is the founder of the Wearable Art Show.

Eve Farber

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Eve’s brand is about creating a timeless wardrobe for women who appreciate smart design, good quality, and unique and expressive style.

Fashion for Eve is a state of mind, it’s a tool to express her individuality and share her vision. In her opinion, revolution in fashion is entirely street driven: it is hardly ever born in the isolation in a designer workshop. It is more often inspired by the confidence radiating from open-minded people on the streets, who unapologetically ignore common opinions and don’t want to be defined by a style niche or be imprisoned by brands and labels.

DejaVu Textiles

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DejaVu Textiles+Design is a sewing studio located near the village of Hillsburgh Ontario, in the rolling rural hills of Wellington County.

The business has been owned and operated by Laura Levitt since 2009. Laura wanted to develop a business that focused on well-made, high-quality garments; both upcycled and new.

Inspirations:  Love of colour.  Pattern mixing.  Curiosity.  Learning.  Creating.  Unique designs for all ages.



Carol is fascinated with detail, especially in the botanical world. She loves the colours and textures in textiles and the stories hidden in scraps, natural materials, and discarded items. She wants to highlight their intrinsic value while exploring their damages for new possibilities. Her favourite question is “What if…?”



My lifetime love of denim and natural fibres has merged with my love of textural fabric collage and wearable art as I create my own versions of casual, funky denim jackets for all ages and genders, from tiny tots to groovy grandmas. Each one is special, reflecting our individuality; what makes us different is what makes each of us beautiful. I enjoy custom work as well as following where the work leads.

Purchase tickets to show below:

12PM show features snacks, coffee bar and cash bar for alcohol.

5:30PM show serves happy-hour canapes, coffee bar, and a cash bar.

$37.5/person, $275 for a table (8 seats)

Wearable Art Fashion Show & Sale Noon Seating

$37.50 – $275.00

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Wearable Art Fashion Show & Sale 5:30pm Seating

$37.50 – $275.00

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