Boro Bower

by Jody Pilon

Come and spend time in the Boro Bower, on display on the deck at The Three Sisters Centre for the entire festival (weather permitting)

Comprised of a series of panels created by using domestic textiles, disregarded fabric, threads and other materials hung together to create a textile chamber, the Boro Bower supports and celebrates ‘the slow’. It harkens back to the days when hand stitching was the only option and make-do was part of the every day.

Using only discarded textiles, a needle and thread and a truly basic stitch this project opposes fast paced living and ‘throw away’ ideology. Each base panel is cut from a series of cast-off sheets. Some thread bare and some good sturdy cotton from years gone by. Miscellaneous colours and types of fabric are layered onto the base fabric and stitched ‘boro’ style. Each one, slowly done by hand.